Our ABA or Routing Number:  211385569

This number is sometimes known as a routing transit number (RTN) and is a sequence of 9 numbers used by credit unions and banks to identify financial institutions within the United States.  The number is used for wired and electronic automatic clearing house (ACH) transactions such as electronic funds transfer, direct deposit, direct payment of consumer bills, e-checks and tax payments, among others.

The numbers that appear on the bottom of your check include this ABA/Routing/RTN number which is the first 9 numbers, followed by your checking account number and then a check number.

Incoming Wire Instructions:

Contact the sending financial institution to provide them with the Shrewsbury Federal Credit Union information listed below:

  • ABA/Routing #211385569
  • Institution Name:  Shrewsbury Federal Credit Union
  • Institution Address:  489 Boston Tpke, PO Box 227
                                      Shrewsbury, MA  01545

You will also need to provide the following to credit your account:

  • Member Account Number
  • Member Name
  • Member Address
  • City, State, Zip
  • Amount of Funds

Shrewsbury Federal Credit Union posts incoming wires as they are received between 8am - 4pm.  There is no fee for incoming wires.

Instructions for Sending Wires:

Wires can be sent Monday through Friday, 8am - 4pm (ET). 
Wires are sent the same business day they are initiated at 12pm and 4pm (ET)
Outgoing wire fees are applicable (domestic $25 & international $45)

Contact one of our Member Service Representatives if you want to send a wire.

International wires can take several business days to be received.
Wires cannot be rushed or expedited.

Please call us at 508-845-6755 is you have questions or need assistance.