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Fixed Home Equity Loans

*Home Advantage Mortgage - LTV greater than 70% or loan amounts over $250,000 require an appraisal.

Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC)

* Payment per thousand for interest only, ten year period is $7.20 monthly ($50 min. payment applies)




Contact us at 508-845-6755 or 800-889-8121 for more rate information.


Rates and conditions subject to change without notice.
ADD 1/4% to all consumer loan rates when monthly payments are NOT made electronically.
      * APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Credit scores are used to determine interest rate only. Other factors are used to approve or decline all loan applications.
    ** Maximum loan amount for auto loans not to exceed 120% of purchase price or NADA retail value, whichever is lower.
  *** WSJ = Wall Street Journal Prime Rate. Current WSJ rate is 4.00%.  Floor rates in effect are as follows:  Home Equity Lines of Credit of 4% and 5%; Student Choice of 6%
LTV = Loan to Value.      
Appraisal may be required & is paid by borrower.
Mortgages and Home Equity Loans:  Payments do not include taxes and insurance.  Your payment may be greater if secured by a first lien.
Home Equity Line of Credit:  Homeowner's insurance is required.

Rates effective as of Saturday, December 16, 2017